Monday, February 28, 2005

An addition to the interview files.

Presently, there are a few blogs playing a game of interviewing one another and posting the results. The hottest hornbag this side of Fountain Lakes has posed a couple of questions to me and I present for you, my answers. Read on and gain a modicum of insight into what makes me tick:
  1. Why don't you update your blog as often as you should?
    An interesting question and one which I have often asked myself. The short answer is that I am a combined slack-arse and busy person. I trip along happily on the road to Hell (paved with good intentions) and start the day / week / month with the intention to be a regular blogger. The trouble is that I either get overwhelmed by work or my mind tends to go blank when confronted with the Create Post window. Rather annoying since (in English at least) I am rarely lost for words. Rather ironically, you posted this question as I was actually writing a post. Coincidence or irony - let's ask Alannis.
  2. Do you really go to work everyday or are you out partying between 7&7 as I have always suspected?
    The fun just never stops for me during the ungodly 7am to 7pm drudgery. If you think that the 3 hour Schwyyzer Düütsch meetings and the persistent shifting of deadlines and delivery dates (both to and from) is the non-stop party it sounds like - I will swap with you. Having said that, the role reversal option is not one that I relish and I suspect that it is not something that you would be down with either. Maybe we should realise that we both have pretty hard jobs. I know that the Lifestyles of the Rich and the Famous are not exactly banging your door down to showcase your extravagant and luxurious daily activities, but God knows we all appreciate it. Lovin' your work dear. Let's keep the arrangement as it stands - I'll bring home the bacon and you fry it up into the sangas.
  3. If you could choose one xtreem sport to excel in, what would it be?
    I reckon that if there was any xtreem sport that I would choose, it would have to be a maddog skateboarder. But not one of those dorks that you see with his wallet chained to his pants failing to land a single Ollie mind you - they suck whilst I rock! The reason for this is that I am an absolute gimp when it comes to skateboarding - I am like a burning spastic whenever I stand on one of these things. When I see those ramp gods thrashing it out on the vert ramp at the X Games, I would love to be able to do that (I know you have a bit of a thing for the Hawkster - and maybe I have too).
  4. Why me? Achtung: SAP Alert!!!
    See that's an easy one. You are the best thing that ever happened to me and I know that you were the one from the moment we met. Even though I let you tell people that I was conned into marrying you, what am I - a complete dork? Of course I wanted it to happen. I guess that the answer to a question like this could go on for ever; you are beautiful, funny, intelligent, my best friend, a great mother (though thankfully not yet a grand one) and soooo damn sexy. Where else am I going to find someone who makes Mince and Tatties in 3 pots to accomodate all of our differing preferences? Enough said - you are the one for me and always will be. After all, the only thing I can offer you is total and utter dependence.
  5. What is your honest opinion of my favourite movie, Out of Sight?
    Another interesting question, yet utterly irrelevant to the readers out there. But I will tell you what I think: I love the blokey bits in Lompoc with Snoopy Miller and Glen Michaels etc. At the same time I would have to be dead inside to not see the chemistry between Gary and Celeste...although I do find Buddy to be a bit annoying and I absolutley love Adele. Honourable mention to Ray Nicolette too - his gormlessness is hilarious. All in all, a movie that I give two thumbs up.
So there you have it ladies and germs, a small taste of the wonder of me. For you first-timers, just take it in small bites...there is a lot to digest.

---End transmission---

5 comments: said...

I always thought that I'm the perfect crawler. forfeit!
By the way, do you really think that I belive, you start the day / week / month with the intention to be a regular blogger?

Ms Mac said...

Excellent answers! I especially like the answers to numbers 4&5. Yes, you may come home tonight!

Karen said...

I really like the answer to Number 4.
It is obvious that you absolutely ADORE Ms. Mac. Rightly so, I should say :-)

Andi said...

Well, I have to say those are some of the best answers I've heard in a long time!

Kim said...

I can't blame you for #4, she is a little hottie...