Monday, February 14, 2005

Have you ever...

...tried to download Windows XP Service Pack 2 without using Windows Update? Well I have and believe me, if you think you can get it from Micro$oft, you are better at this interpants thing than me!

I did find it, but not anywhere near that crappy Windows Update site. I had to use IE to get into that for a start ( and we all know that Firefox is the King of Browsers), so that had me pissed off from the start. Coupled with the fact that M$ wants total control of your updating experience, it gave me a bit of a run around. I just gave up and ended up downloading it from here. It seems to work just the same and the consistent 252KB/s download speed is nice too. Especially since the file is 266MB!!!

So that is all for now. Feel free to comment, I am using the new Blogger comments system and making an assessment about changing to Haloscan or not.

Gotta go, the D/L is finished.

---End transmission---


Gary said...

I'm really impressed by the new blogger comments actually - sod's law means I changed to Haloscan a few weeks ago and shelled out for the paid-for version, losing all my old blogger comments in the process, so I'm not going to migrate again. If I were you I'd stick to this - it works, it looks nice, and it's free. Result!

mr. mac said...

Does it get any better than that? Cheers mate.