Monday, February 07, 2005

Quick update

Hi Everyone,

Sorry about the lack of posts. I have been exceedingly busy and will be posting some new thoughts in the next couple of days. Unfortunatley, I am caught up in some crazy new "work for your pay" scheme that they have going on at my company. I ask you, how much can a koala bear?

Here is something very quick though. As you know, I am desperately in NEED of some sort of minituarised, computerised MP3 playing contraption (read iPod). This need has made me acutley aware of the "personal" stereo choices of my fellow Pendler (commuters in German) and I have two questions:
  1. If it is a "personal" stereo why have I got to hear every bit of your "music" as well? I know that sounds so elderly but come on people. You listen to your music and I'll listen to mine (or imagine that I am).
  2. If those huge fucking headphones that you insist on wearing are too heavy for your ears, don't you think that putting them around your neck and then playing the stereo so the whole train can hear it is pushing the threads of our already tenuous relationship a little too far? And while I am on those headphones, the guy from the Bomfunk MCs "Freestyler" video had discreet ones compared to some of the monstrosities going around Kanton Zurich at the moment. They are just ridic man! Plain ridic!
Bis nächstes Mal meine Freunde,

---End transmsision---


Andi said...

Tell us how you really feel! At first I thought you were going to be pushing for those free ipods that every one is asking for (that quite frankly piss me off)....

Glad you didn't succumb to that - or am I speaking to early, is that your next post?

Ms Mac said...

Blimey, Andrea checked your blog for updates before I did!
I promis you an MP3 player at somepoint this year. Why don't we just put in a paypal button and beg, like others do?

Love Ya!

mr. mac said...


I hate those free iPod things too. When will people learn that the likelihood of getting anything like an iPod for free must be so close to zero.

BTW, before anyone tells me it's true and they got one, or their friend knows a guy who's best friend's cousin saw Ferris pass out in 39 Flavours whilst wearing a free iPod - don't waste my bandwidth telling me. I don't wanna hear it.

ms.mac, Liebchen, du musst mich das nicht versprechen. Ich weiss dass ein MP3 Geraet bald kommt und gibt's kein Problem.

Andi said...

Did you just talk dirty to Ms Mac on your blog? ;)

Gloria said...

I have succumbed to the advert of the free ipod...but could not wait to find 5 people who would bother to help I bought my own very cheap and reasonable Ipod Shuffle...( I came, I saw, from ms mac's site)