Thursday, April 14, 2005

Face Time 13.04.05 Transcript

As you may be aware, ms. mac and I like to have a little something we call "Face Time" before we turn the lights off at night for sleeping. The opportunity to say things and catch up with each other basking in the afterglow is fun and kinda nice.

One of the things about Face Time that is so good is that often we end up laughling like drains about something one of us has said. It is all very private and often times just little couple-y injokes.

Here is the transcript of something from last night:

mr. mac: "Do you know how much General Peter Cosgrove (Chief of the Australian Defence Force) gets paid?"

The answer is ca. A$420,000 - this is important because it gives you the proper context in which to view ms. mac's answer. As a navy Lieutenant, I was earning A$45,000.

ms. mac: "$3.2 million bucks!"

mr. mac: "He is the boss of the ADF, not fucking Elvis!!!"

ms. mac: On hearing the actual amount was not the "Graceland" paypacket - "Fuckin' hell that's almost 10 times more than what you were getting!!"

So you see, we might start out looking at it from different angles, but we always get there in the end.

---End transmission---


Ms Mac said...

The way you got all excited when you met him, you'd have thought he was Elvis!

Andi said...

But you still love him.......... me and G have our face time, except ours is more face/back-with-him-snoring time....

Richard said...

And ours is more "Mrs Richard upstairs muttering and me downstairs with my headphones on" time

Kim said...

Jeff has a face?

Andi said...

Happy Anzac Day Mr Mac (from the Knapps!)