Monday, May 30, 2005

I couldn't eat another thing...

I need to get on the ms. mac exercise regime and STAT!!! Of course, I will be getting on the "exercise regime" the minute I get through the door, but I mean the actual 'don't weigh so much at the end of it' regime. This will revolve around things like this too.

Malaysia has been (as previously reported) an absolute bust on my diet. I have done nothing but eat since I got here. That would be fine if I was whippet thin and had abs like WS!, but unfortunately, I have an ab. It's a washboard - for woollens. Now this is not an impediment to being H-O-T in some circles, but I have made good progress lately, thanks largely to the tutelage and efforts of ms. mac. It seems a shame to waste the work, so I'm on the Huffy Puffy program (both in the good way and the bad way) when I get home.

Having said that, I absolutely must share what I had for dinner last night with you both. We were searching for something authentically Asian and we found it!

We went to a footpath restaurant which had all these tables with gas bottles and burners on them. Looks interesting, what's that big steaming pot on the table there. It was something called a Steamboat.


A spicy broth called Tom Yam - chilli, fish stock, lemongrass, kaffir lime leaves - awesome! Accompanying this you receive a huge plate of rice vermicelli noodles and a correspondingly huge plate of seafood - prawns, squid, cuttlefish, octopus, dumplings, fishballs, tofu pieces (fried and raw), quail eggs and assorted greens.

Basically, you wait till the Tom Yam is boiling, then stir in the noodles and the fish stuff. Let it cook and serve yourself a bowl with your individual ladle. I tell you, the flavour is incredible. It is very hot though, so if you are a bit of a nancy, you can have it with chicken soup too.

I need to lie down, I am exhausted from the sheer effort of swallowing all the yumminess that Malaysia has to offer. I wonder what tomorrow will bring? Stay tuned!

---End transmission---


Ms Mac said...

Right, that's it it, matey! You're on salad rations the minute you get home!

Jon said...

Craig, ms.mac has been so frisky while you've been away, beleive me, you will soon burn off those extra calories!

If you know what I mean! *wink*