Thursday, June 02, 2005

I'm on the final leg

Just a quick one from the Silver Kris lounge at Singapore. I am winging my way Zurich with SQ346 and am absolutely laden with gifts for the delectable ms. mac. According to her Blog, her hair and boobs are looking fabulous today. I hope that tomorrow brings similarly outstanding results. Although her hair will be a bit messy when I get through with her - oo er missus.

I have decided to christen this the pink trip because everything I have got for ms. mac is pink. The list is semi-secret, so I'll not let the cat of the bag yet. Suffice to say that there is a pink iPod, pink perfume, pink sandals and tongs. They aren't pink but they are essential to our culinary survival in Switzerland.

The tongs in question are the kind you get in Oz made of aluminium, with a spring and a pin holding them together at the end. You absolutley cannot get them in Switzerland. I shit you not! Anyway, I bought the entire supply in Safeway Elsternwick when I was in Oz. Along with about four kilos of Oxo brand stock cubes, the safety and sanctity of the chateau mac kitchen is assured.

Anyway, I'm off before they close the flight and don't let me board. Not travelling on the top deck of the 747 tonight, I wanted a window and they were all taken upstairs. I'm slumming it in Raffles calss on the main deck. It's not as good believe me!

Bye for now. Next blog from Chateau mac (if I've got the energy wink wink).

---End transmission---

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Ms Mac said...

Hurrah! Come home safely!