Sunday, July 24, 2005

Is there anything left to say?

No apologies, no excuses - I am out of things to say. I think that this past week in the house having a holiday has left me with nowt to say. It seems like someone else is saying all the interesting stuff that has happened recently.
  • Watched a heap of shitty movies - already blogged by ms. mac here.
  • The kids have been losing teeth and getting dirty socks. Read about it here and here.
  • Had my birthday (see here), for which I received a new Sony Dual Layer DVD Burner and have been burning "legally purchased" movies like a machine. I was supposed to go with the lovely ms. mac to get tattooed but typically, this overpriced place we live in meant that we would spend about CHF 700 for the two of us - a little too much to be spending right now. You can read about the rest of that here.
Hopefully, the second week of my holidays will have something worth blogging. Stay tuned (but don't hold your breath).


Andi said...

So what you're basically telling us is to just read Ms Macs blog? :)

mr. mac said...

As she once said when stealing an amazingly funny comment I made in the shower, "If you snooze you lose." Looks like I have snoozed and lost.

Not going to work every day, seems to detract from my inspiration. said...

At least, you could try a bit harder...