Thursday, August 04, 2005

I was simply gonna comment but thought I'd share this with you both.

A recent visitor to this site just made an interesting comment to a previous post. It was a totally friendly (although slightly superior) comment about me and my opinions. I have included it here for ease of reading:

Mr Mac, you are hilarious but SOOOO judgemental & acerbic!!!Didn't you ever come across *that* famous saying(by some obscure Jewish guy...)''Judge not, that ye be not judged'' ???

I 'm not suggesting not to have opinions.We all do unless we are in a Zen monastery(and I 'm not, believe me).But it's good to remember that perception(opinion) doesn't equal knowledge(fact).

Have a lovely day :)

Do I really come across as a guy who thinks that his opinion is the right one or the only one? If I do, it's because it's true then I really need to rethink my writing. But that is beside the point. Do we all agree that a personal blog does not equal an attempt to state that an opinion is a fact. Nor does it attempt to provide fair or balanced reporting. I think it is patently clear that everything ever written here has been pure, unmeditated drivel. So what's the fuss.

But I will say to you that to most individuals, perception is fact. All the well-meaninged, see-it-from-his-point-of-view crap under the sun won't change that 97.23789% of us think that our understanding / perception of something is how it is. If one doesn't have an "understanding" of something, one doesn't form a perception. One cannot form an opinion of something one doesn't understand. If the understanding is in someway faulty, the perception is also flawed, but the self-confidence of your typically well-adjusted person leads them to believe that if they think that they understand something then their opinions are right.

If I can't say what I think without fear of friendly remonstration or the quoting of some obscure Jewish guy then we're all going to hell in a handbasket. Save the gospel quotes for the bible study group because it's all about the vitriol here!

And you have a nice day too.

3 comments: said...

Huh, we are getting into Epistemology here - that is, Naïve Realism actually. There supposed to be people out there, who belief that there is a real external world, and that our perceptions are caused directly by that world.

Nickle Annie said...

Ummmm, ya, i dunno. But if you are asking if you are allowed to have your own opinion on your own blog, then HELL YA! People should learn that if they don't like what they are reading they should click the big red X in the right hand corner of the screen. Keep your head up Craig, we all love ya!

PSP Politics, Sports and Philosophy said...

Jesus didn't have half the sense of humor that you do (hmmm no lightening?).. but then again he wasn't here to make us laugh I guess, too busy saving our souls and shit. NOW that I think of it,,, THAT is funny !!