Thursday, August 18, 2005

Like whatever, ya know...

Quick update for you both. Nothing exciting happening at Büro mac. Working feverishly to finish everything I can before my holiday next week.

The big news that is, of course, rocking the blogosphere (used ironically) is that the Knapps, Andi and G, are heading to our place for a week.

They arrive Sunday so there is still time to find the liver donor and have the transplant team on standby. Updates may follow sporadically.

Jamesey is home from his whirlwind Scottish tour. He bought us all back presents! I got this absolutely ace Highland Cow Snow Globe which has pride of place on my desk.

Totally awesome dude!

Watched Trekkies on Tuesday with the boys. You know you're a loser when an 8 year old is appalled by your nerdiness. I may be a geek but thank fuck, I'm not a nerd!!! Some of those dudes are in serious need of sexin'. Obviously it won't be me helping them out since they were mostly guys, but it raises a question about nerds in general and Gay™ nerds in particular.

It's clear that there are Gay™ geeks, but are there Gay™ nerds??? If so, what kind of Gay™ do they attract?

That's your lot for now.

---End transmission---


Jon said...

WTF is that Trekkies thing about?! That child on the front looks simply horrifying!

I don't think there is such a thing as a Gay™ nerd, but I will ask about for you at The Gays™ next meeting and get back too you!

mr. mac said...

Thanks Jonathan. As you are probably aware, I count you amongst the most knowledgeable of The Gays™ so your "input" is most welcome.

Ms Mac said...

OMG!!! That's my legs behind the cow!

Andi said...

Are Gay nerds attracted to Gay geeks though, that is the question.

I'm all packed. Ready and raring to go.

I cannot wait. said...

Will the ms.mac legs also be brought to the office?

Shaun said...

I am most certainly a Gay™ geek, but not a nerd. I know of at least 1 Gay™ nerd on campus, needless to say he doesn't socialise much and tends to hang around with the Straight nerds. I think his nerdiness is a stronger bond with his companions than his Gayness™ would be with other Gays™

if you get what I mean? said...

Mr.Mac, what have you done to me? I feel totally insecure. Am I a Gay™ Geek of even worse a Gay™ Nerd? I know how to suck cock and how to get mine occasionally sucked. I might be socially inept, but I'm not accomplished in scientific or technical pursuits. Bloody categorisation.

mr. mac said...

Gomad, we've had this discussion before and reached the consensus that you are not a nerd at all. I feel like we may both be geeks and I am happy with that. You really have no reason to feel insecure at all. Your social skills are prefectly developed.