Saturday, October 01, 2005

Phew! I was really getting worried

Just checking through the mr. mac Inbox and our friends at have noticed something that must be lacking in my arsenal of love.

See for yourself:
Cheap cials-tabs Online

"Wilson Romano"


2005-09-23 22:55

Spam Status: Spamassassin 0% probability of being spam.

Be ERECT in less than 15 mins

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I don't know about most of you, but I've really been looking for something to get me ERECT in less than 15 mins. Just the other day ms. mac spent the best part of an hour waiting for me to "stand up" so that we could get down to bidness. Good news my darling, we'll now be doin' the nasty four times more efficiently. It will have to be a lot better than the myriad of pumps and mechanical devices we're currently mired in. After all, think how much more TV we'll be able to watch with the new found help that Cials will be giving us "down there".

And another thing, now that these miracle erections are only going to be $2 a throw (so to speak) we can do away with the messy and expensive creams and injections that have been taking food from the table for years now. The mini macs eat tonight.

Now that I can get there in less than 15 mins, is there something that can keep me there for more than 15 seconds? Without this second miracle product, it could get quite expensive even at a paltry $2 per shot (ooer).

Mind you, after taking the miracle product that will add 4 inches to my knob in a month or less, I think that they should just sell me home transfusion kits at $2 per IV bag. Think of the fun we could have with adminstering IVs as part of our lovemaking.

Mmmmm, IV transfusions *cums*

Oh and by the way Spamassassin *airquotes sarcastically* you got some splainin' to do!!

0% probability of that email being spam??? You couldn't antispam your mum, on the anitspammingest day of your life, with an electrified antispamming machine!!!


jonz said...


Antipodeesse said...

I second that!

Jon said...

This is interesting!

Erect in 15 mins?! In 15 minutes, I can be erect, have shot my load and be back to the loving arms of the internet... and still have 9 minutes to spare!

I noticed whilst browsing penis enlargement sites (mainly for.. erm.. a laugh) that you can get a patch that you stick on your arm and it instantly increases your girth by 4" or something! How ace is that?!