Friday, August 18, 2006

Live Blogging from the Chateau Mac BB7 Eviction

Overheard from one crazy-haired viewer:
"If Aisleyne beats Glynn there is something seriously wrong with the British public and I'm never watching Big Brother again!!!"

One can but dream...

--Updated Later--

Aisleyne was evicted third. Now time to endure the vomit-inducing love parade for Pete. *Yawns*


Michael said...

Is that a drag queen?

mr. mac said...

No, she tink she soo sexy mon and dat she is from da caribbean. Most annoying white girl accent evah!

She strolled around all day in a thong bikini which would have been great except her arse was as flat as a pancake - more like a crack in her back. Ewwwww!

Michael said...

Uhm, what's that on her chin?