Monday, January 29, 2007

I watched some men doing it...

...and it didn't affect me in ANY way.

That's right, Ms. Mac and I just watched the new film Shortbus by John Cameron Mitchell. It was not so much of an action / adventure (although there was plenty of "action") as a human interest / charcter development piece. Despite this not being my genre, I enjoyed the film a lot.

Obviously, the main point of controversy about this film is the explicit (I prefer to use the term "actual") sex scenes. Since the film revolves around the sexuality of the characters, there is a lot of it going on. I already knew that the actors had real sex in the film but I was still surprised at the graphic scenes. Unfortunately, the straight boys among us were left out a little bit since the raunchiest scenes were of the Gays and their fun-loving antics. I'll never hear the Star Spangled Banner in the same way again.

I enjoyed the film and am glad I watched it. I also feel relieved to report that it didn't move - which was nice.

3 comments: said...

I don't want to over emphasize the sex in this marvelous movie, but there was quite some breeder sex among the sextras - as they were called in the credits.

mr. mac said...

That is true, but if Sofia had gone further into that room (symbolic of course that she should stand on the fringe), then we would have seen more of the good stuff.

The Gays were well catered though. I think that the Lebanese viewers were poorly represented and might feel a bit ripped off.

Anonymous said...

Yes, on behalf of The Gays I think I can say that we enjoyed this movie quite a lot!

I also enjoyed the bit where the woman was amusing herself with her sex-toy... Quite worrying!