Friday, February 02, 2007

How did I ever manage?

These here internets are gettin' to be pretty much integral to everybody's life, right? I use it for as much as I can seeing as human interaction is so 20th century.

The question in the title refers to how I ever managed when all I had was 33.6kbps dial-up internet. We have gotten so used to having broadband that the very thought of dial-up at even 56kbps makes me feel sick.

We just got an upgrade with Cablecom to 10Mbps which is blazingly fast (we had 5Mbps and I thought that was quick) and it's CHF10 per month cheaper than my old plan - bonus. The best thing though is that there are never any download limits so I can have a lot of "traffic" over my connection and not have to worry.

Check this out for speedy

Try your connection and tell me how fast yours is.


Antipodeesse said...

My Dear, when I was a young gel, I was considered very fast indeed.

Michael said...

Uhm....5176 downstream and a whopping 378 upstream, yes you read that right, 378!


I want my 2400 baud modem back.