Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Response Teams - Move In! Now! Now! Now!

The scene is a picturesque balcony on a sunny Tuesday evening.

Two parents are quietly unwinding after a day of work and internet surfing (you decide which parent did what) when a 10 year old boy holds up a corked, but empty wine bottle.

"Mum, can I have some wine?" he says, not realising that the bottle is empty.

"No darling, there isn't another bottle open at the moment."

At this point, the Child Protective Unit - Bad Parental Response Team abseiled onto themfrom the balcony above and the offending parents were promptly huckled and set dahn.

The End.


Toño said...

I can imagine who was doing what, but the important thing is to celebrate the dusk after a long day of hard work, in however the form was...

About the story with the child, let me tell you that parents are always expose to critic. Be brave and don't pay attention to the others minds.

gomad.ch said...

I think you both acted very responsible by emptying the bottle before your son developed a desire for it.

You are also a bright example of well child-rearing. Your son did not just grab the bottle behind your back and drunk it off (as I would have done), he politely asked. Honestly, I'm quite impressed.

Andi said...

All bottles are empty in this house.

and surprisingly, there is always a drunk adult around too!