Wednesday, September 29, 2004

Can you spell LAZY children?

Well, what should be said about someone who posts to his blog because someone threatened to remove a link to it from their website? I have been working fairly hard lately and for some reason the whole blogging thing lost its shine. (Remember when Homer told the NASA guy that he was a famous actor from that movie Shine? "Hmm, and what's your name sir?" asked the NASA guy checking his list of passengers. "Shiney McShine" was Homer's quick thinking response - pure cartoon sitcom gold, I tells ya)

But I digress, here is a posted as demanded by the Queen of Carpet Shampooing. Hopefully I won't wait another month before posting again. If you check the dates, you'll see that the time period there was clearly measured using units of Jenitime. Tschüss miteinander!

---End transmission---

1 comment:

Ms Mac said...

Hey Shiney McShine, it's about time. Your link will be removed if you don't post regularly. Regularly means at least one per week. Why am I the only thing you've committed to since 1990? Do I have to tell the gym story?

Ich ha di gern!