Monday, October 25, 2004

Tell Me Why...

I sometimes think that Garfield had it right you know. Lasagne, sleeping and teasing the 'tard (Odie). Was für ein schönes Leben! For me, things are not quite the same. For starters, I am absolutely knackered. I am now completely unable to sleep on Sunday nights. I don't know if last night was an exception or the proof of the rule. Clock jockin' (this is when you spend the whole night watching the clock and is a reference to something in Crash Team Racing) from 10:45 till God knows when.

I was determined to sleep last night but it wasn't gonna happen. Maybe because of the "incident" at the lake? Seems that Jimmy Tickle and I had a set-to which caused Ms Mac to crack it and we all had to go home, in spite of the promise of a great afternoon in the sun. Mea culpa, frustration levels were at an all time high and when JT pushed my buttons, I went off. Really must learn to control that I suppose, for both our sakes.

Anyway, not a lot else to report, slow morning (so far) at the office and I hope it stays that way. We shall see what happens with the rest of it.

See youse

---End transmission---


Ms Mac said...

Lets hope you and JT learned a little lesson. Don't mess with ms mac- or you'll pay!

Anonymous said...

Wer sind diese Menschen? Es sind doch Menschen, oder?

Dicey from

mr. mac said...

Doch, sie sind Menschen! JT ist mein Sohn und Ms Mac ist meine Frau. Wir machen eigenen Blogs und schreiben was wir denken, erfahren und fühlen - gleich wie Sie.

Mein Blog ist wie ein Tagebuch, nicht für alle Leute, sondern für mich. Meine Frau liest es, und fast niemand andere.

Ich schreibe manchmals auf Deutsch weil wir in der Schweiz leben (fast 2 Jahre) und will mein Deutsch verbesseren - das ist wirklich langsam und schwierig.