Monday, November 01, 2004


One of the seven Holy days of Obligation and thusly I deliver my weekly committment to the truth, through my contract with ms mac. As you well know, she is the blogging machine whose example all must follow when it comes to regularity of posting. Indeed, I am falling behind in my work thanks in, no small part, to the need to check her blog for updates on a constant basis.

Allerheiligen ist ein heiligen Feiertag in den katholischen Kantonen in der Schweiz. Natürlich, Zurich ist ein reformierte Kanton und ich muss deswegen arbeiten - bugger! (bitchin' german huh?)

I have been guilty of some cyber-slacking today and this is due to a lack of interest on my part I guess. I would be happy if I spent more time on project-related matters, but they are so boring for me. I really should extract the digit (pull the finger out) and hit the keyboard in a less random fashion but Mondays are so hard to get started. I will just have to work late-ish to make up for my slackness. Plenty needs to be done so I guess I will get back to it. Später 'gäter (poetic licence taken - Krokodil doesn't rhyme with Später)

---End transmission---

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