Wednesday, December 15, 2004

Advance Australia Fair???

Being away from the homeland is not such a problem for me. I tend not to get all misty eyed when I think about home and therefore read my Mebourne newspaper out of curiosity rather than melancholy.

I was looking this morning to find this story about a techno-inspired version of our national anthem and our PM weighing in to the latest controversy. I don't often agree with Little Johnnie, but this time he is right on the money. That is the worst version of ANY song ever!!! Not only do the listeners to the John Laws show have something to bitch about, the hipsters and cool people are going to hate it too! There was no point bothering (in my opinion).

Judge for yourself here

---End transmission---


Ms Mac said...

It's truly awful, Woeful. Atrocious! said...

Even on the other side of the world with the sun shining from the wrong side, they should know that vocal trance is a nogo.

Ms Mac said...

Errmmm, any trance is a nogo!

drainbrain said...

thet actually played this on new year for the world to hear... it was absolute crap! love your blog by the way.