Thursday, December 16, 2004

Peer Pressure and the Power of "Persuasion".

A couple of intrepid readers have forced me to submit to their incessant nagging and follow suit with the rest of the Blogosphere. That's right! Here are my faves of 2004:
  1. Fave Song - The Bucket by Kings of Leon. Love the jangly guitars, love the catchy tune, bit disturbed by some of the words but at 2:55 it is right on the money for a perfect pop song (3 minute) rule. Great song and good album too.
  2. Fave Movie - Toss up between Supersize Me and Shaun of the Dead. A 'Zom Com' and a documentary as the best of 2004 and they're both independent films. Way to serve up the entertainment Hollywood - you blow goats!
  3. Fave TV Show - The inability to make a decision just keeps on going. I totally love The Sopranos and Scrubs is definitely the find of the year in terms of sitcom excellence. I'm not gonna pick one - watch 'em both and see for yourself.
  4. Fave Character - Bender Bending Rodriquez. This guy is the best! I love the fact that he is so flawed - he is totally human. He gets all the best lines too - "I hate the people who love me and they hate me!"
  5. Fave Wishlist Item - Many are called yet few are chosen. I don't know about the rest of the world, but I NEED and MP3 player of some description. I don't know which to get though. I love the design of the iPod but hate the locked into iTunes-edness of it. I love the price and capacity of the Creative Jukebox Zen Touch but style-wise it leaves a bit to be desired. I love the iPod Mini's looks but it is too low on capacity (and overpriced but that's Apple IMHO). I love the Creative Zen Micro colours but it offers 5GB for CHF369 vs 20GB for CHF299 with the Zen Touch. I can't decide - watch this space for updates...
  6. Fave Food - Here in this "overpriced hellhole" restaurants compete to be more expensive than the airport, so eating out is virtually impossible for the common man and his family (read mac clan). That means you have to cook at home and the food of the moment is Raclette . I love the cheesey, potatoey, bacony goodness. Far too close to call though is the delights of the Schweinsgrillhaxe (Grilled Pork Shank) from the man outside Walmart in Singen.
  7. Fave Activity - For the 14th successive year, it is being persuaded by ms. mac. Stay tuned for 2005 when we'll see if anything beats this perennial favourite.
  8. Fave Serendipitous Occurrence - The Great Vectra Write-off of 2004 was destined to be a disaster at Chez Mac, but with the help of an enterprising friend (cheers John) we scored the deal and car of the century. All hail the Vintage Mercedes. Out of my way! Don't you see I own the road? It says so on my Fahrzeugausweis and was included in the purchase price of the car.
  9. Fave PC Game - Hands down, the best of the best this year was Far Cry. Needs a beast of a PC to run it though. I can hear an upgrade calling, but don't tell ms. mac
  10. Fave Download of the Year - This is a toughie to pick due to some of my shady online activities, but I am gonna have to say it is....Firefox - truly, the King of Browsers. If you aren't using it - you belong in Hollywood (see item 2).
  11. Fave Time Waster - Blogging - duh! Tell me another way to waste time that is so much fun. I know people who forget to eat, drink or work because of this addictive past time. You'll see from the frequency of my posts that this is not necessarily applicable to me. Get your arse over to Blogger and get your own (if you haven't already done so).
There it is, a list of faves to be proud of. Now I just need to start thinking about categories for next year's list...

---End transmission---


finnegan said...

Yeah, I agree about blogging! It's really addictive as hell and I can't seem to drag myself away from the computer.

I too feel that Firefox is the best download so far this year. That and said...

You definitely need an iPod, because there something new called iPorn ;)

Ms Mac said...

Oh come on- you're 'avin a larf! I will remove your link if there is no update by Monday!

Andi said...

OK. I went to see Shaun of the Dead and have Supersize me on DVD to watch. Hopefully its gonna be good.