Thursday, May 19, 2005

The music meme thing.

ms. mac has passed me the stick to do a meme about music and in my never ending quest to emulate her blog related excellence, I present the result to you both.

  1. Total volume of music files on my computer? For ms. mac's benefit, I will just go to the folder with my music in it and right-click it. Then the properties tab will tell me that I have 6.47 GB (6'956'015'987 bytes). The other 20GB are on the desktop PC with ms. mac.
  2. The last CD I bought was? Robbie Williams Greatest Hits for ms. mac's Christmas present.
  3. Song playing right now? I am listening to the dulcet tones of Happy Birthday being sung to ms. mac by me over the magic of the internet. It apears that MSN Messenger has decided to make it so that I can hear everything that I say a second after I say it. I am the worst singer in the world, so music is in a bad way for me right now. Hopefully, I'll make it better on the weekend with the impending purchase of some Apple products.
  4. Five songs I listen to a lot or that mean a lot to me (in no particular order)
    • Black and White Town by The Doves. Geat band and this song just gets played over and over again. The song gives me shivers. For some reason I feel like I identify with this and I don't see how, since I come from suburban Sydney. We had a swimming pool for fucks sake!
    • Time by Pink Floyd. When ms. mac and I first met, we were waiting for a taxi at 3am and someone in a flat near the taxi rank was playing this song. It was so loud, so clear and strong. This is an absolute fave. Hearing it reminds me of the beginning of the best and most constant thing in my life - my best friend and one true love.
    • Flame Trees by Cold Chisel. This is a song from the end of their career and is much more ballady than the classics. It just gets right in my head. Barnesey never sounded better than this. A renowned screamer, really singing his heart out.
    • Mr. Damage by The Angels. This band defined the aussie rock 'n' roll side of my youth. This song is about 2.5 minutes of pure energy. There isn't a better song to drive as fast as your Kingswood will go. I love these guys and have the lot on vinyl. Would fork over any amount of dough for the CDs.
    • Temptation by New Order. This is my favourite song of all time and when I hear it, I just shut out everything else around me. This is the song that defines the import and British music culture side of my youth. At my school, if you liked this kind of music, the AC/DC crowd needed to know if you were some kind of poofter or something. The path that New Order leads me on could consume the rest of the blogosphere so let's finish with these guys. And they're still going. It's never gonna be just five songs or five movies or five books or five...
  5. I am going to pass the stick to gomad. He is a music buff from hell. I'd pass it to ms. mac but she passed it to me. You can read hers here.
---End transmission---


Ms Mac said...

Love, love, love Black & White town! Top Song.

I may have to find that Cold Chisel song as it escapes me right now.

Well done my darling!

Andi said...

Look at you you updater you!

I just got one of those iPod thingy's so I have about three albums downloaded on it.

Anyway, hope you are having fun seeing all your friends etc., said...

I've performed my music duty.