Thursday, May 19, 2005

An open letter to Mr. Clorox

Dear Sir,

On the evening of the 18th of May I experienced what could only be described as a luggage related laundry emergency. 750 ml of St Anne's Magenta red wine decided that it would prefer to be outside of the bottle rather than in (doubtless helped by the friendly and efficient baggage handlers of QANTAS). This resulted in the disaster you see below:

Wine everywhere!

After two washes with the hotel laundry powder, I was about ready to throw three shirts and a pair of trousers in the bin. But help came from an unlikely source. It turns out that a foxy little Hausfrau from Switzerland had a solution. She advised me to procure some Napisan. This little gem usually cleans anything, but I decided to go for one of the new Oxy action products. Your offering to the market:

Yay! Oxi-Magic!

saved the day. I followed the directions (albeit roughly - there's half a tub of your product in the bath at my hotel. The resulting science experiment had me gagging:


but the results, as can be plainly seen, are nothing short of amazing.

Clean White Shirt!

In conclusion, I love you Mr. Clorox, you've saved me from an unpleasant trip to the Macquarie Centre on Saturday to buy new shirts for my trip to Malaysia.

mr. mac Help for travelling businessmen rating: 1000/10


Ms Mac said...

Well done my love! I am quite amused by your attempts to emulate my Hausfraulyness in my absence.

Maybe this will teach you to never leave home without me?

SwissTwist said...

Great going mr-mac! At least we can be sure that you can fill in for the darling ms-mac the next time she cripples herself.. *snigger*

Frally said...

I'm very impressed with your efforts! I'm tempted to send you a whole bunch of my stained clothing for you to return to their former glory, you obviously have the magic touch.