Thursday, June 30, 2005

Funny things ms. mac has asked me recently...

In a previous post (the one directly below, I believe), the bodacious and bootylicious ms. mac asked me a question about sonic booms. The question was quite a good one and certainly not the silliest thing she's ever asked me. However, the route that we took to get to that question was a little bit...silly, shall we say?

1. Picture it! Z├╝rich, 2005. A beautiful young peasant girl and her ruggedly handsome husband are travelling to the airport in their horse-drawn, vintage Mercedes.

ms. mac: I wonder how long it will take to get to Paris.
mr. mac: Only about an hour, probably less, I'd think.
ms. mac: Cool! Is that because of how fast the plane will be going? Do you think we'll break the sound barrier? Will there be a sonic boom?*
mr. mac: *Laughs indulgently in that superior manner employed by all husbands when asked "technical " questions by their wives* No m'dear, it's because of how close it is! You will be nowhere near the sound barrier.
ms. mac: Oh ok - that's a shame. So, what causes a sonic boom then?


2. Yesterday, whilst talking very articulately about the lack of progress that the governments of the world have made in combatting poverty, we somehow got onto the talk of numbers. ms. mac made a very forthright statement about the billions, nay trillions of dollarpounds that could be spent to end poverty (and quite rightly too). Then, in a totally endearing but still quite silly way asked the question: "Trillions are more than billions, right?" Yes baby, they are, and gajillions are more than trillions.

I ask you, what's not to love about this woman?

*small amount of embellishment included for comedic effect


Andi said...

and she didn't kick your arse for that?

She truly loves you does this beautiful peasant girl.......

Ms Mac said...

Oh very, very funny!

Andi said...

Did you recently change the name of your blog?

mr. mac said...

No but I changed my user name.

Jon said...

She's a funny bugger that ms.mac!

Kim said...

She's a keeper!

Rae Ann said...

I wish my husband would write such sweet things about me in a blog.

Antipodeesse said...

Dear Mr Mac,

I can't believe I forgot to write earlier to thank you for having entrusted your precious Ms. Mac to my care for 48 hours last week! She was jolly nice and super helpful, and she never asked ME any silly questions!!

Sincere good wishes,