Tuesday, July 05, 2005

Breaking rule No. 5*

I came across this pic the other day (not literally, obviously) and decided that it deserved to be blogged, but then on the advice of someone who shall remain nameless, I held it back, in case the person in the pic was actually known to us. (Bear in mind that anyone who was actually in this pic would not be someone I would want to know all that well - unless I already know you, in which case you and the photo are fabulous!).

The upshot of waiting, was that the cat was "let out of the bag" by someone else in the Bloggies and now I'm spewing!

So, in the spirit of fun, we were going to have another caption comp. It was all for charity and the winner would have gotten a bag of world-famous Choc Locos to donate to Live 8 or to eat whilst waiting in line to buy the DVD of the concert or something....but now, we're not having one. The fun has been ruined for everyone and I am in the huff - BIG TIME**.

I also realise that this totally contradicts my tagline "Now with 78.8% less cats" and for that I apologise. I for one, hate cats *waits for barrage of abuse from cat-lovers* and wouldn't normally feature them on my blog, but this one has a pic of something near and dear to the hearts of at least one of the Bloggies committee members (teehee 'member') so that is my rationale for posting the pic.

Next post will be 100% less cats - promise!

*see here for an explanation of the rules.
**petulance added for comedic effect.

If this was your pic and you didn't feel happy about it's display on the internets, you probably should have thought about that before you took it!


Ms Mac said...

Darling, did we not agree that the caption comp was to be held off until we had mailed last prizes from the last one?

*Mailing prizes from last caption comp today- promise*

mr. mac said...

Yes we did definitely agree, so in a fit of pique at having my thunder stolen, I have actually cancelled this caption comp. This was a report of how there will be no competition but still be able to post the pic. Note the use of past tense in the post.

This way, I make the post, but there is no Choco Loco cost. It's a win-win situation for chateau mac!

Antipodeesse said...

Ooh, you are SO brave and manly! I wanted to post that pic too, but chickened out!

Jon said...

*is still waiting for my prize*...

Nickle Annie said...

"Meow, meow, meow....meow meow meow"

Translation: And for this very reason I turned vegetarian!