Thursday, June 09, 2005

Go Crazy Consumer Information

Today, I want to share with you both my latest sauce related discovery. As you are well aware, I love to eat sausages. There is a particular style of sausage available to us in Germany called the Bratwurst vom Schwein. Here in Switzerland they are known as Bauern Bratwurst. These translate as Sausage from Pig and Farm Style Sausage. Me and James just call 'em yum!

What goes well with a grilled / barbecued suasage? Sauce or as its called here Ketchup. The featured ketchup today is the Mexican Grill Ketchup from our friends at Heinz.


Make no mistake people, this shit is the shizznit! It tastes absolutley brilliant. Basically it is like salsa flavoured tomato sauce. Now I realise that this doesn't sound so good, but believe me it is great! Every sauce covered mouthful of sauage-y goodness is like manna from heaven. Really saying something since I don't really like ketchup being more of a BBQ sauce man. In fact, when people are getting cayenne pepper on their tongues for swearing, I (as an example) for swearing, get ketchup put on my tongue because I like the hot stuff but hate the ketchup.

This brings me to my only complaint - it is billed as Fiesta Feurig (Party Hot - whatever that means). Pretty pissweak if you ask me! I reckon that the Allies secret weapon should only have been to put some black pepper in the Nazi food rations - these bloody Germans have the wussiest palates - WWII would have been over by October 4th, 1939 if they'd followed my advice.

Anyway, the mr. mac sausage accompaniment rating: 9 / 10


Karen said...

I often experience that frustration - things marked as "feurig" or "scharf" are neither (to me, at least).
I remember a time when we went to our "Stammitaliener" for our Rigatoni Arrabiata - he always made it extra hot for us and we were accompanied by an acquaintance who said it would be no problem, he would have the same.
After the first two bites, his face was beet red, he was having trouble breathing and tears were welling up in his eyes.
I felt truly sorry for him, as he was really suffering.

Ms Mac said...

You will be proud to kow that when I asked Patrick what he wanted for lunch today he said, "Em, Mexican ketchup and......."