Thursday, June 09, 2005

Marketing 101...

...or how to get me to buy your shit.

An open letter to Marketing types everywhere.

Dear Marketing Type,

I am a 30-something father of three with a limited budget for non-essentials in my life. The task for you is how do you wrest me of my hard earned (and jealously guarded) Swiss Franks? What is the best way to part this fool from his money?

Here's a tip from the genii at Nescafè....


...whatever your pushing, put a Formula 1TM car next to your stand. I would buy bags of dried dog turds if there was an F1 car anywhere near the checkout. This one in particular comes from my fave team West McLaren Mercedes.

I remain,

yours in abject consumerism,

mr. mac

For the no-marketing types amongst you, here is the story. We went to the supermarket today, to pick up some fizzy water and grab a sneaky kebab from Zuri Oberland Doner Kebap. As we got to the top of the escalator / moving ramp, the site of Kimi's F! car greeted us. Shrewd bit of marketing cos I was enthralled. I love F1 and McLaren are my fave team. Here are a few other pics I took of the car. Enjoy!





In a shameless bit of comment whoring, what would entice you to buy a bag of dried up dog turds? Answers on a postcard please (or in the comment box - you choose).


PSP Politics, Sports and Philosophy said...

Nice rain slicks on the car .... too bad the run in all weather. Here our IRL pussies only operate on dry pavement.

Matthias said...

Where are the babes that usually go with F1 cars? If Ms. Mac can post naked gentlemen, surely you can post semi-naked ladies. Or weren't there any?

Ms Mac said...

It's probably just coincidence that this McLaren was seen only 10 minutes away from the Sauber factory. Perhaps the closest Jacques Villeneuve will get to Kimi all season?

(You snooze, you lose, my love)

Also, Matt: The babe standing next to the car in this instance was in fact Moi!

Oh and to get me to buy stuff it merely has to have red packaging and be exquisite!

mr. mac said...

and also Matthias, try as I might, she refused to get naked - semi or otherwise. Apparently, Carrefour is not ready for it yet.

Kim said...

Welcome home Mr. Mac!!! I am only influenced to make purchases by money. If I have some, I buy stuff... any stuff. Even unwrapped stuff. Even if I don't need it.

emsy said...

welcome back mr mac! Iam with kim i too buy stuff even when i dont need it! hehehe :) x