Friday, June 17, 2005

I'd like to get to know you....

I shamelessly ripped this off from ms. mac, but hey, what are wives for if you can't nick their stuff. Besides, she has been nicking my stuff a lot lately herself. I have said some cracking little one-liners around the house and she has gone and used them on the blogs TM before I've had a chance. If you don't believe me, ask her yourself.

So here is a probing meme about moi:

What time did you get up this morning? 06:08. First alarm at 06:00, one snooze cycle and into the shower. I used to get up as soon as the alarm went off, but thanks to my snooze-addicted spouse, I have to set the alarm an hour before I need to get up so we can snooze a bit longer. Of course, there is no actual extended sleep time - what am I? Hard of telling the time?
Diamonds or pearls? If I'm buying, it's cubic zirconia the whole way baby! Except for ms. mac - rubies are the way to that girl's heart.
What was the last film you saw at the cinema? Star Wars Episode III : Revenge of the Sith. Read my review here.
What is your favourite TV show(S)? The Sopranos, The Daily Show, ER, American Chopper, The Simpsons and Top Gear
What is your middle name? William - the most regal thing about me.
What is your favorite cuisine? I can't pick one so I'll say Asian i.e. Chinese, Thai, Indian, Vietnamese. God, anything with rice really.
What foods do you dislike? Have you seen me lately? The obvious answer is none, but in truth, I can't stand the thought of any offal type products. Having said that, I love, love, LOVE Asda Black Pudding.
What is your favourite crisp/chip flavour? Like most of us, this changes over time. As a kid, I loved Samboy Atomic Tomato, but the all-time fave rave is Chicken Flavoured Ruffles. Much love to anyone who can send me a bag of Chicken Ruffles.
What is your favourite CD at the moment? I don't "buy" that many CDs anymore, but my fave at the mo' is still Aha Shake Heartbreak by the Kings of Leon. Do yourself a favour and check it out.
What is your favorite song? Temptation by New Order - the most amazing song ever!
What kind of vehicle do you drive? "Vintage" Mercedes 230TE
What is your favourite sandwich? Chicken Caesar Salad Baguette (chateau mac speciality!)
What characteristics do you despise? Unfaithfulness and infidelity (of any kind).
What is your favourite item of clothing? My groovy new boot-cut jeans. They have a button fly and until recently, I couldn't buy those sort of clothes. Yay for no longer being relegated to the Mr Big selections!
If you could go anywhere on vacation, where would you go? Caribbean to an all-inclusive resort for the whole mac clan
What colour is your bathroom? It's predominantly white with grey flashes on the tiles. to be honest, I don't really care. I spent so long showering in stainless steel cubicles (the latest style onboard warships), so ceramic is a nice change.
What colour pants are you wearing? Red boxers and my wholemeal linen trousers... We all now how much ms. mac loves red, right?
Where would you retire? - Somewhere really close to the CBD / shopping and entertainment area and the beach. In some sort of fabulous penthouse type arrangement - Bondi beach / St. Kilda anyone?
What is your favourite time of the day? Room for One More TM shower time.
What is your most memorable birthday? Probably my 21st which was celebrated in Halifax, Nova Scotia in 1990. It was noteworthy because I got pissed onboard HMCS Can't Remember and then went clubbing in Halifax. Climbed back into the naval base over the fence because I was too pissed to find the gate, ripped my new jeans. 10 metres beyond the point I climbed over was the gate. Typical!
What's the last thing you ate? Aldi brand cornflakes with milk.
If you were a crayon, what color would you be? Black. Sensible and practical with the ability to do plenty of damage in the wrong hands.
Who is your favorite cartoon character? Homer J. Simpson or Wile E. Coyote
What is your favorite flower? My wife's.
What fabric detergent do you use? I don't use any, but I think ms. mac uses Persil. I just don't do it right, apparently.
Do you wish on stars? I wish I could lie on top of some stars (Julieanne Moore, Uma Thurman, Kate Moss, Kate Fischer {is she even a star anymore?}...the list is endless). Does that count?
What is your shoe size? Euro 46 / Aussie 12
Do you have any pets? Not anymore, have had a couple of dogs and a heap of tropical fish.
Last person you talked to on the phone? ms. mac who is "enjoying" an end-of-week wrap up of Projektwoche (Project Week) at James's school.
What did you want to be when you were little? A chef.
What are you meant to be doing now? My company is embroiled in some crazy "Work for your pay"initiative so there are plenty of things I should be doing. I am currently parallel processing this post with some spare parts price calculations and collating some logistic data. Later, I will be.....oh, sorry. did you just nod off then? I know I did!
What do you first notice about someone?
  1. Face
  2. Shoes (don't ask me why)
  3. Gender
  4. The fleshy bits in between 1 and 2
What was your favourite toy as a child? My Dukes of Hazzard slot car set. Fuck that was awesome!
Summer or winter? Winter for me - you can wear such nice clothes without being too hot. Summer for everyone else - loving the skimpy outfits and sandals on the girls lately.
Hugs or Kisses? Can't I have both?
Chocolate or vanilla? Ditto.
Living arrangements? Currently (and for the last 15 years) the Hunk in Residence at Chateau Mac.
When was the last time you cried? I try to minimise the crying - bad for the complexion.
What is under your bed? ms. mac's head hair, my body hair, dust, a sleeping bad, discarded trash mags. Could be a couple of tissues with genetic material on them too, but they tend to go in the bin. Too much info anybody?
In how many cities have you lived? Sydney, Melbourne and Zurich but always in a suburb / village approximately 45 minutes from the city.
Favourite movie of all time? Pulp Fiction or Mr. Roberts or Goodfellas or Shawshank Redemption or Magnolia. Can't / won't pick one
Mountains or beach? The beach.
Full names of your potential kids? Patrick, James and Ewan are the names of my actual kids. There are no more potential kids possible, unless they are sourced from some external supply. Meaning that ms. mac will have some splaining to do!
What is your usual bedtime? 11-12pm

There you go. You know a little bit more about me now, than you did before. Aren't you glad?


Andi said...

I'd send you chicken ruffles but we don't have them here, christ we don't even have cheese and onion!

and what is there NOT to love about Black Pudding?

AND I'm looking forward to having one of those chicken ceaser thingys courtesy of Ms Mac!

mr. mac said...

We have Cheese and Onion here Andi, so we'll stock up for you.

Black pudding rocks! I only got into it cos of ms. mac.

AND we'll make sure there are plenty of good things for you to eat when you come here. Hopefully there'll be Chicken Caesar Baguettes - YUM!

Ms Mac said...

Excellent answers my dear!

Jon said...

Wonderful. I feel I know you just that little bit more now, and frankly, I like it!!

*steals idea for future post*

PSP Politics, Sports and Philosophy said...

God that is a lot of questions to answer

PSP Politics, Sports and Philosophy said...

upon further review... I think we are separated twins ... some-weird-how ...

Karen said...

Chicken flavoured Ruffles? Can't say I've ever heard of them! :) (We don't have cheese and onion crisps here, either!)

Marilyn said...

You crack me up. :-D I had to stop laughing to answer the phone at work just now. I don't think we are very creative in the States in the chips department. I have never heard of Chicken flavored chips before. About all we have are BBQ,SourCream and Onion, Mesquite, Dill Pickle,Ketchup, & Salt & Vinegar. I just haven't seen any others at the stores.

Andi said...

Mr Mac - Duly noted re the batteries!

mr. mac said...

G, Ja das stimmt. Ich bin ganz überrascht daß wir so gleichartig sind. Something to brush up your German with.

Marilyn, thanks. I'm glad you found some stuff to laugh at.

Andi, thanks for the pass. She isn't always Little Miss perfect but she is nice to have around.

Mrs. B said...

You know, it's so lovely to read the comments of a man so obviously in love with his wife. Kudos to the two of you, you obviously have exactly what it takes.

: )

Michael said...

The only thing that sticks after reading this (along with everyone else) is the Chicken Flavored Ruffles?!?

We have crappy flavors here in the US. BBQ, Sour Cream and Onion, Chedar Cheese.

I loved when we went to the UK they had GREAT flavors, like Beef.