Tuesday, July 05, 2005

Ladies and Gentlemen if I could have your attention...

...the time is upon us to present the final award here at the 2005 Go-Crazy Awards, and it's the big one. The award that will have them talking for weeks to come. You know what I'm talking about right?

This award is given in recognition of the recipients incredible and selfless devotion to progressing the cause of Hornbaggery* throughout Christendom. I can tell you, ladies and gentlemen that the winner was so far ahead of the other nominees that we are even considering naming it after her.

Admittedly, we haven't yet, but there's still time. So, without any further ado, I would like to present the "Go-Crazy Rack of the Month"TM award for services to bustiness, bootyliciousness and all-round bodaciousness, to my favourite all-time hornbag and foxymoron herself, ms. mac...

Rack of the Month

A big round of applause ladies and gentlemen. Never in the long history of the Go-Crazy Awards has there been a more deserving winner of this prestigious award. I for one am delighted to have the pleasure and privilege of presenting the award to such a worthy winner.

Bravo to ms. mac and to that utterly fabulous rack.

*Hornbaggery (noun): The act of being totally hot and sexy. A rare quality only found in exceptional circumstance.


gomad.ch said...

Could Go-Crazy Enterprises please take a bit more care in choosing the pictures for the awards? At first, I thought that I'm looking at Eminem exposing his rear end to the audience on MTV during the 2004 Movie Awards.

mr. mac said...

*hastily revises the award picture* Thanks for the advice gomad

Ms Mac said...

So what are we saying? That I look like an ass?

My boobs are fabulous, I'll have you know!

Jon said...

Wow! What stunning breasts you have Stella!

You are quite the lucky man, Craig!

Andi said...

OH, I missed the picture..........

Stella, coming from one boobalicious babe to another, Well done there!

Craig? You lucky lucky man *said in really creepy made for horror movie voice*

flying kiwi said...

OK, I'm seeing a theme here... "6. Make up some kind of pointless award and give it to one of us."

Is there nothing you will not stoop to?

(of course I followed a bloggies related comment to get here)

mr. mac said...

Let's see, I'll just check off the things that I have done on the list already.
Rule 1. Check
Rule 2. Check
Rule 3. Check
Rule 4. Check
Rule 5. Broken but explained.
Rule 6. Check, check and check
Rule 7. Check
Rule 8. Gives all money to ms. mac / brings home presents for ms. mac / May be buying jewellery today - check / check / check
Rule 9. Acted quite gay in accomplishing rule 6, so, check.
Rule 10. Check / check

Is there nothing I won't stoop to? Or have I already stooped as low as one can get? It killed an hour of my time - what's the harm?