Tuesday, July 05, 2005

A bit of Shoosh please.*

After the frenzy of the "Go-Crazy Hun(g)k of the Month"TM award ceremony, I thought that there wouldn't be anything to top it.

Well, how wrong I was. You see, whilst I was beavering away here at the offices of Go-Crazy Enterprises, the boffins in the Media Centre have been creating new and exciting awards for all of us to aspire to.

The first of these new awards has been instituted to acknowledge the special achievements that some bloggers make in public service and as a tribute to their arresting personality and good looks.

Lady and gentleman, it gives me great pleasure in announcing that the winner of the first-ever "Go-Crazy Arrest of the Week"TM is the wonderful .....

Arrest of the Week

Andi McNapp - she's certainly captured the hearts of our judges.

It's a fair cop guv'nor. I'll come along quietly, although maybe I'll struggle a bit (fnar fnar).

Don't go away, the 2005 Go-Crazy Awards will be back after these short messages from our sponsors.

* That's what you'll hear from the drunken best man at every Aussie wedding, when he is about to begin the speeches. Also heard at footy presentation nights around the country.


Ms Mac said...

Hurrah for awards for everyone!

Is this like the Special Olympics? Do we all get a hug and a medal for participating?

Jon said...

Well done Andi! A most deserved award if ever there was one!

Andi said...

A Hat Trick! Woo - hooooooooo

Three wins in a week, I'm wetting my knickers as we speak.

You know what I like? Someoen who understands the rules of a certain club, and then adheres to them voraciously!

Mr Mac?? I think a certain someone is going to be getting a good rating from me next week (though it has to be said I've given you good ...er....ratings every week, I can't help it if the others bring me down.....)