Wednesday, July 13, 2005

Lost at birth?

Wow! As you know, Chateau mac is obsessed with all things Lost at the moment. Great show - thoroughly recommend that you all watch it (if you haven't already).

In honour of this (and at the behest of someone special) I have done a looky-likey comparison of two well-known people.

The first is the actor who plays Hurley on Lost. I believe his name is Jorge Garcia.


The second is the popular and utterly fabulous online pundit ms. mac:


Now according to ms. mac*, she and Hugo are possessed of two charming characteristics. Namely, mad hair and fatness. It was totally hilarious when she said it!

I don't think that this is necessarily true, but there are some similarities and in the spirit of blog related fun, I present a wallpaper for your desktop mimicking those available on the Lost website. Apologies for the quality issues.


What do you think? Were these two people born from the same mother at the same time i.e. are they long-lost twins? Only the fullness of time will reveal the truth.

*None of ms. mac's feelings were hurt in this post as she said it herself. As always, I am totally in awe of her goddess-ness and beauty!


Ms Mac said...

My darling, this is the funniest post you have ever written.

This post is fully endorsed by ms. mac. It is all true.

Andi said...

I have to agree!


Where abouts are you in the series?
Where abouts are you with the ELF map?
Are you guys as excited as we are about coming over soon?

mr. mac said...

Episode 21 (methinks).
Not as far as either of us would like.
Cannot fucking wait, mate!!!

Nickle Annie said...

Stella is much more beautiful!
Hotter too.....

Yes definatly hotter!

Jon said...

I know this post was from months ago, but now that Lost is on in the UK - I have finally understood what this post is about!

I was sat watching it and then just went 'OMG!' and this post came flooding back!

Bravo Craig - it really is the funniest post ever!