Friday, November 25, 2005

Fuck yeahhh!!!!!!!!

It's official! ms. mac and I are headed to see the Foo Fighters in January. They have announced a date in Winterthur and I am now the proud owner of two tickets to see them.

It is gonna be fuckin' awesome. I cannot wait and I know that ms. mac is also "quite excited!" She has some girl wood for Dave Grohl (and maybe I do too - so what? Shut up!) so we are just going to have the best time.

It's not some poxy sit-down show either. Oh no, we are gonna be in the mosh man! It's standing room only you can see, I am a little bit keen for it to hurry up and happen.

The last time ms. mac and I saw a concert it was Joe Cocker in the State Theatre in Sydney in 1992. A word of advice - if you're planning on having sex, don't let anyone tell you that a baby won't cramp your style - cos it will!

Here's another pic of the band, just in case you don't know who I'm talking about (which would basically mean that you are either dead or you suck!).


Antipodeesse said...

My thoughts are with you both at this very HAPPY & EXCITING time! *turns fluourescent green with envy*

OOOH, Dave Grohl can wear my school uniform in a airplane ANYTIME!

mr. mac said...

Mine too Antipo, mine too.

Andi said...

You guys are so tall too so you'll get to see everything.


I want Daves babies.