Sunday, November 27, 2005

Washing Powder Surprise

What do these people use in the laundry, that they wouldn't ever use in the office?

The answer is this:
That's right folks. The people above are the staff of the Microsoft Corp. ca. 1977. Fact is that they wouldn't be seen dead with this on their desktop but if they are ever in Germany, shopping in WalMart, they will be able to buy Linux detergent to use in the laundry.

Which fragrance do you think it comes with? My bet is the smell of quiet desperation and dried spunk.

What do you reckon Linus Torvalds thinks about the fact that the detergent company are claiming Linux as their registered trademark?*

*I fully realise the irony of me making fun of Micro$oft and their geeketry, as I type this post on a laptop running Ubuntu Linux as the operating system and asking questions about Linus Torvalds and the infringement of Linux's trademark. So there's no need to mention it. Ok?

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Expat Traveler said...

that photo of the group is hilarious, especially tiny little gates who looks like he's about 16 or so.