Tuesday, December 20, 2005


Finally, after some time-off with good behaviour I am being paroled today.

That's right, you heard it hear. I can now officially reveal that the lovely Ms. Mac is coming home today. Yay!

She has finished her exciting mini-break weekend to Australia (Ok it was two weeks but that doesn't work in the Bridget Jones way) and is now somewhere between Dubai and Zurich.

Would it be revealing too much to say that I've missed her? I don't think so. But then, I'm sure we all have.


SilverB said...

Does this mean I have to try and stop corrupting you now - lol

On the plus side with Ms Mac "back in town" I suppose the kids stand a better chance of surviving the next 10 years.

Antipodeesse said...

Oh thank God, I haven't been able to stand the pink silence. Get that woman back at her blogging station the minute she gets off the plane! Don't let her have any silly ideas about 'jet lag' or 'catching up on sleep'.

Drew said...

Mr. Mac, you are wonderful...And I apologize for not coming often and reading your fabulous blog.

Do give love to Ms.Mac when she returns for me!