Friday, December 16, 2005

Hahaha, sucked in!!!

Just a quick one with a link to an hilarious story I found on Yahoo! Seems that some sleazy romantic Frenchman calling himself The Prince of Pleasure, was conducting an online affair with a lovely little French lass called Sweet Juliette. After six months of online raunch they agreed to meet.

A clandestine rendezvous (French derived word - apropos, non?) on a secluded beach, the Prince wandered across the sand to meet his love. She had her back to him and as he neared, she turned to face him and he finally laid eyes on the girl of his dreams - his MOTHER!!!!

What if they were indulging in cybersex too? Ewwwwww!!!! It's fine to love your Mum, just don't LOVE your Mum. Not even virtually!!!

Funny story and it made me laugh. How 'bout you?


SilverB said...

Hmmmmmmmmm it could have been worse, how about if it had been his Dad, either after or before his (the Dads) sex change.

mr. mac said...

Haha. And I thought it couldn't have gotten any more disturbing.

Well done.

Marilyn said...

That reminds me of that song from the 80's? Midnight at the Oasis If you aren't familiar with it, the guy is advertising for a special someone and the ad is answered by his wife - neither of whom are upset that the other were involved in the ad. LOL Not in real life.

BTW - I join you in " I can't wait till ms mac returns "

Expat Traveler said...

haha..... Funny! I was thinking she'd turn around it would be a man. Sad day for that guy.