Wednesday, February 01, 2006

Crocheting is now officially great!

My beloved Nana used to crochet littel baby clothes, covers for coathangers and stuff like that, just like everyone's grandmother - no real news here.

However, this amazing lady does crocheting too and her's is out of this world. Check out these examples of crocheting excellence.


A crocodile ate my baby!


A delicious dinner!


Can you beat a pink crocheted gimp mask?

Crocheting is back baby!!

Thanks to BoingBoing for putting me onto this one too.


Andi said...

Now. I know Stella loves red.

Can't you get the bondage gear ordered in red?

Or did you buy it already?

Marilyn said...

Well, I can crochet, but I never thought to make 'toys' out of them. :-) I've limited myself to scarves and hats. LOL

Antipodeesse said...

Hi Marilyn! It's nice to "see" you here too!