Thursday, February 02, 2006

You've got to be mad haven't you

I was perusing the newspaper this morning from my beloved Melbourne and came across this story that frankly, beggars belief!

Is there really anyone out there who believes now (or has ever) that the emails you get from people purporting to be the head of an African bank or aide to an exiled / dead president of an African nation yet come from Yahoo and Hotmail accounts are real?

I mean really, "I will give you 10% of 75 million gajillion US dollars if you will let me have access to your bank account." or "I will give you 10% of 75 million gajillion US dollars if you will please send a Western Union Money Order for USD7460 to Mboko Nagumba in Lagos , so that we can bribe the officials of Zaire to release the money." Oh OK, let me just run down to the Western Union office and do that now.

If it was real, why wouldn't they just go to the officials and offer them the 10% of 75 million gajillion US dollars?

Check out this site for a good laugh at the expense of the scammers. They suck the scammers into believing that they will comply with the request for money and make the scammers do all sorts of stupid and humiliating things. normally posing for photographs with silly signs and stuff. Take this for example:

We all know that it's a scam, but what troubles me is that there are some of my fellow countrymen (Queenslanders mostly - which sort of explains it) who have been fleeced for up to AUD 2.2 million!!!! In total, police estimate AUD 7 million has gone to these scams from Queensland "victims". I say "victims" because "dickheads" would be too inflammatory - oops, I said it. In case anyone needs to be reminded, if it seems too good to be true, it probably is. Still, if you're a greedy bastard, you'll soon fall over yourself. As they say, a fool and his money are soon parted.

Now if you would just leave your account details in the comment box, I will share 20% (twice the going rate) of a Swiss cheese baron's estate that I can get access to, if I could just get a couple of thousand Swiss Francs with which to bribe the caretaker at the cheese factory . Email me soonest your accordance such that we can do a profitable business. I would never try to cheat you - honest!!


Antipodeesse said...

Dear Mr. Mac,

I trust you completely and know that you are not like those scammers. I would love to make a fortune with you and the cheese baron. Please take what you need from my bank at the following address:

Cretit Mayonnaise
69, rue de Rude
6969 Gay Paree

A/C No. B00B B00B

Let's make beautiful cheese together!

Love and kisses,
Ms. My Boobs Are All Better Now

Andi said...

Bugger. She beat me to it. You don't need anymore money do you?

Expat Traveler said...

P and I looked at this extensively. We laughed so hard. I've known about this scam since 2001 but P said he hadn't really known since a few months ago. However, we both never saw such funny photos.

Michael said...

That site is is crazy all of the scams out there...obviously they're working otherwise they wouldn't continue to do them.

I tried to sell a camera on and the only responses I got were from scammers who wanted to send me fake checks and fed ex account #'s so I could ship it right away.