Sunday, June 12, 2005

So how was it for you then?

Hello everyone, I'm sure you're desperate to know what happened with the Nescafe Xpress

that I was duped to buy after seeing the McLaren F1 car on Thursday. Well the truth of the matter is that the drink was shite! It just goes to show that I was absolutely correct. If you dress it up well, and then present it with something that I couldn't possibly resist, I'll buy it.

But the mindless consumerism stops there! If it doesn't taste any good I'm not going back. Lets be honest, there is no way on God's green earth that drinking Nescafe Xpress is going to make me look like an early 20's, blonde, Finnish F1 racing driver. I can't see me squeezing myself into an MP4-20, no matter how much iced coffee I drink.

However, in order to consume some cyberspace, I present to you a nostalgic look at my favourite iced coffees through the ages:
  1. Oak Iced Coffee.
    When we were little, we used to travel to North Haven for Christmas holdiays at my grandmother's house. The whole time was at the beach and invariably I would fall off my bike at some point in the holiday. Unfailoingly, my wounds would be dabbed in Friar's Balsom and I'd be told "Get in that surf and get the saltwater on the sore. It'll do it the world of good." Fucking stung like a biotch every single time...

    But the big point here is about the Iced Coffee. At a place called Hexham there was a dairy factory that ran a restaurant and we would often stop there for a burger and an iced coffee. This was before the Pacific Highway was a huge free way with nothing but planned McDonalds stops every 150km.

    It always tasted good and came in a glass. The Oak dairy concern got pretty big and they started to sell the stuff throughout NSW in cartons. A good brew, but a little to light on the coffee for my taste. Rating: 7.5 / 10

  2. Moove Iced Coffee
    This was the big one in NSW for my whoile childhood. It came in a bunch of flavours; strawberry, chocolate, banana(?), lime and of course, iced coffee.

    I loved the stuff as a kid, and my lunch order from theschool tuck shop on Fridays (that was the only day I didn't have devon and barbecue sauce) was invariably one sausage roll w/s (with sauce), one chocolate donut and one iced coffee Moove.
    Nostalgia rating: 9 / 10 but a little too sweet these days- Rating: 8 / 10

  3. Big M - Victoria's Finest
    When I first went away to join the Navy, Victoria was my home and I stayed there for more than a year with training and learning to wear my hat at just the right angle. It was here that my love for the deadly Iced Coffee Big M began. The stuff was amazing. We used to sneak out of thte recruit school in our sports gear and go over to the Millionaire's Club a.k.a Millies (it was called the Millionaire's Club because it was full of "payday millionaires - young sailors who spent everything they had on junkfood every payday till they were old enough to buy beer and then never set foot in there again) and geta crumbed sausage (ok, TWO crumbed sausages) and an Iced Coffee Big M. Pure manna from heaven. Navy cooks were called Fitters and turners because they would fit food into pots and turn it into shit, so the helpings of junkfood kept us sane. If we'd have only eaten the navy scran we'd be deader than purple A-line flares with pockets in the knees.

    Still an awesome drink, but not my favourite now that I have an adult palate. Too sweet. Rating: 9.5/10

  4. IC Strong Iced Coffee
    This came out a little while ago and has been my firm favourite ever sice. It actually tastes a bit like coffee and is strong as! This one will keep you going long after the others have let you down. Goes perfectly with a sausage roll from Brumbys too. Rating: 10 / 10
The only disappointment here is that there is no picture of IC Strong Iced Coffee to show you what I am talkin about. Cannot find one anywhere. Today's mr. mac challenge - send me a copy of a pic of the bottle and you'll win a prize.

Can't somone help a brutha out?

---End transmission---


Ms Mac said...

Haha! I loved the Fitter and Turner NavySpeak!

Also loved you in your uniform but that's another post on another blog.....

Blechh! on all iced coffee drinks which are all far too sweet for me because as you know I am sweet enough.

You nver have to turn into a 20 something Finnish race driver for me, I love you as a middle aged, balding Project Manager. Or at least I will when you turn into one!

Kiss kiss!e

PSP Politics, Sports and Philosophy said...

just as the English cannot comprehend how and why we Yanks love our Iced Tea, I cannot imagine cold coffee.

Generally, I send it back if I get it in the restaurant..... yuck ! 0/10

Andi said...

See, cold coffee? Nope, does nothing for me. In fact, that sounds as delightful as Jons powdered white tea - NOT!

PLease don't have any left when we come over.