Monday, June 13, 2005

What's wrong with this picture?

Here is an interesting picture from a party that took place somewhere in Switzerland.

Today's question is indeed, what's wrong with this picture? The way I see it, something is glaringly wrong at this party. Can you see it too?

Answers on a postcard (or in the comments box) and the most correct (or most amusing) answer wins a prize. Most probably a packet of Choco Locos because that's what we give away at chateau mac.

For a chance to win another great prize (a second packet of Choco Locos) go over to ms. mac and answer her simple quiz - but be quick, someone is bound to guess soon.


Andi said...

a) She is standing on her own and she is naked!

b) There is a half drunk glass of beer on the first table! Who leaves beer?

Not me I know that!

Mrs. B said...

Darn it Andrea... you just SOOO want more chocco loccos don't you!! ! I was going to say that she was standing naked and alone... but ... perhaps the beer made her gassy and she let one rrrrrip??!?!!

gina said...

The room is full of guys and yet there is a naked girl and beers left alone?????

Karen said...

You're right, Mr. Mac; something about this picture sure looks wrong. The naked woman is, well, NAKED, pointing her headlights at the men for all the world to see. She is alone and might even have drunk 2.5 beers (those other cups are hers, too!) Naked chick who's drunk = something men flock to.

But something your other perceptive commenters haven't noticed yet is that the room is 99.9% guys (even then, the 0.01% could just be girly-looking dudes). What is one, single woman doing in a room full of dudes?

Well, how about this explanation? SHE'S NOT A "SHE" AT ALL! She's a DUDE!

Yep, a SHE-MALE! That would explain why she's at an event that seems to only appeal to dudes. And why she's alone (like Tim Allen said, never stand too close to a naked man!) Despite the fact that she has boobies, she also has a schlong hidden in front, and the other guys in the room won't risk seeing her cock just for the chance to stare at fake boobies. It also explains why she's on her third beer before the foam has had a chance to settle to the bottom of her previous two glasses! Dudes = higher alcohol tolerance.

(Was that perceptive/amusing enough to win the choco locos? :)

Jon said...

Is it because it's a naked woman? As we know, naked women should not be allowed in public... Only naked men!

But only the cute ones! :)

Do I win?

Marilyn said...

I am not all here today. So, I commented without even leaving my name. LOL Anyway, what struck me as odd is that a beautiful, young, naked woman is standing in a locale with a multitude of men who aren't even giving her a second glance.