Wednesday, December 14, 2005

Smells are so evocative.

Today I was doing my daily chore / duty of taking a trip to the Coop Supermarket to get the luchtime supplies in. On the way through the shortcut, I smelt the unmistakeable smell of diesel fuel burning in a well-tuned engine. This was obviously a mistake because there were no trucks anywhere to be seen. When diesel fuel is burnt correctly, the smell is almost sweet and has a very distinctive "taste". I actually like the smell because it makes me think of those salad days onboard navy warships steaming through the open ocean.

I was rugged up against the bitter European winter and the smell took me straight back to the quarterdeck of a frigate in the middle of the Indian ocean. I was standing there in my grey coveralls, talking with my shipmates and sucking in the "freshers"*. The ironic part is that the freshers on the quarterdeck was always full of diesel exhaust and cooking smells from the galley ventilation. We loved it nonetheless.

* Freshers is navy slang for fresh air. Almost any word can be "navy-ised" by adding 'ers' to it.
e.g. Sippers? Translation: Can I have a sip of your drink?
Steppers. Translation: Civilian clothing (one "steps" acrossthe gangway when going ashore, more often than not, in civilian clothing for a night out.)
Try it yourself - it will make you feel all salty and nautical.

If you want to learn how sailors have spoken since Nelson's time, check out this RN page.


Jon said...

How wonderful!

Being a Gay, I have never been anywhere near a engine in my life, but I can imagine what you mean about the smell! I am the same with permanent marker pens and Tippex.

heather said...

I am laughing so much at Jonathan's comment that it hurts.

mr. mac said...

Takes you straight back to the newsagency Jon? You sir, are too funny.

Where have you been of late? Don't tell me that another of your predictions has come true "I'll probably be bored of this blog by February.".

SilverB said...

OMG this is brilliant it's like the start of a really good gay porn film "the quarterdeck of a frigate in the middle of the Indian ocean. I was standing there in my grey coveralls, talking with my shipmates and sucking in the "freshers".

Now of course over here "freshers" are 1st year uni students, but you can just imagine how exciting a blog entry like this is for all your gay readers.

Keep it up (cue smutty snigger)

Well must be off got some cottaging to do.

Toodle pip

mr. mac said...

Hahaha I'm really laughing at that one Silver. I can just just see you sucking in some freshers. It troubles me somewhat that you have to sully my reminiscences with your smutty sniggerings.

Regarding the cottaging, I said what I said because it took place in the city you live in and was a prominent Australian person who was involved. I figured you would be up on current events. Typically though you twisted it rouond like some twisty turny thing LOL.

SilverB said...

Ah Maccers don't be troubled :-(, just think how much pleasure you've given gay boys the world over, with your story of sailors, coveralls and sucking freshers, not a dry seat in the house :-)

Of course your script lacked some vital touches, you need a few "Oh yeahs" a couple of "you're so tight" and the odd "you like that don't you dirty little ***** " - apart from that it was an excellent start :-)

Of course I didn't take the slightest offence at your assumption that I ply for trade in public loos, truly I didn't, however it's such a good stick to beat your liberal conscience with I intend to use it on every occasion possible - ROFL

mr. mac said...

Ah Silver, the more you beat me the more I like it.

Strangely, there was a slightly romantic note to it all before you had to add in the "you're so tight" and "Oh yeahs". Now it has a tawdry air to it all and my wistful rememberings are now all 'pinked up'. Thanks *sarcastically*

Remeber to wear a coat today. The lavvies are going to be very cold today according to the Beeb.

SilverB said...

Mr Mac there are clubs I could recommend that could help with your masochistic streak, obviously I know nothing about these from personal experience but I have a friend who has a friend :-)

As far as pinking up your blog goes I prefer to think of as adding a subtle tinge of lavender.

Oh you are SUCH a tease, the sea, a ship, sailors and now romance, "sigh" (dreamy far away look in Silver's eyes).

Thanks for the weather report, I have a full length lambs wool and cashmere coat (purchased with large amounts of pink pounds) the coat also has the added advantage of large pockets in which I can keep vast quantities of plastic bags a de rigueur requirement when one goes cottaging.

mr. mac said...

Plastic bags??? What are you putting in them? Do you put your shopping in them to prevent putting the purchases straight on the toilet floor?

Or are they somewhere to store the coat? Lavatory stains would be very difficult to shift from cashmere, or so I imagine.

SilverB said...

Oh dear gayboy educates straight boy again, do you realise what a cliche that is?

One person sitting down and one person standing with his feet inside a plastic bag, that way if the Old Bill check under the door all they will see is a single mans legs with a bag (presumably of shopping) between his feet.

For my next lesson we can discuss "glory holes" if you want?

No, don't thank me, I regard these lesson as a public service - lol

mr. mac said...

It boggles the mind. I wouldn't of thought of that. You Gays are a devious lot aren't you.

I feel sick now Miss. Can I go home please?

SilverB said...

You wouldn't have thought of that - aw how sweet and how innoncent :-)

Devious! well I suppose it's the downside of excellent dress sense and overall good taste :-)

OMG I just realised I'm corrupting you whilst you wife is away, yet another cliche - lol

As far as feeling sick, just spit, I hear that helps - ROFLMAO

Andi said...

OMG!!!! I have learned so much.... Plastic bags ahoy!